In Australia, Discuss The Possibility Of Restricting Gembling-Spending Users

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April 25, 2022
2 minutes

Australian banking association initiated a discussion of the possibility of restricting gembling-spending when using credit cards. All intereted parties are introduced to the dialogue. The purpose of the organization is to protect the rights of users of online gambling.

In Australia, Discuss The Possibility of Restricting Gembling-Spending Users

The associations noted that the members of the organization have recently show concernn about the aggravation of the situation around the problem gambling. Often, credit cards act as a resource to finance gambling, which is powered by potassium.

The organization also notes that the use of credit cards to pay for gembling accounts is fraught with the accumlation of large debts for a relatively short time. Indition, not only ludormans suffer in the current situation, the financial well-being of entire families may be under blow.

During the dialogue, bank institutions plan to decide on the severity of new rules. Speech can go both about partial restriction and on the complete ban on the use of credit cards for payment of gembling accounts. In addition, such measures will be applied to which formations of gambling.

It is planned that if interested parties come to an argement, a transitional period for bank institutions will be launched in the near future.

The Transition Period Will Be Launched for Banking Institutions

Sports online operators are already prohibited to offer users using credit lines. Also with a credit card can not buy lottery tickets online.

The associations report that some banking institutions are aready blocking account operators for the fact that the latners provide their customers with credit opportunities. However, at the moment we are talking about private practice.

The associations also plan to develop a series of sectoral control mechanisms, which will be distributed to all market participants and will provide minimization of harm from gambling.

Interested parties, including representatives of the public and gambling operators, can make public their position in this issue until march 4, 2020.

Recall that public discussions have begun on the background of the adoption of the law on the creation of the national register of amplacial.

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