In Austria, Call For The Elimination Of A Monopoly On The Gembling Market

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April 21, 2022
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In connection with the political scandal in which the operator is noticed, the leading australian gambling group called on to put the end of the monopoly casinos austria.

In Austria, call for the elimination of a monopoly on the gembling market

The austrian association of rates and gambling (ovwg) spoke in response to a developing investigation into relations between casinos austria and its financial director peter sidelo, who is the district adviser of the freedom of austria (fpo) in vienna and novomatic shareholder.

It has previously stated that the appointment of sidoly is associated with issuing licenses in vienna. Sydo and novomatic deny any crimes. In mid-november, the bureau of economic and corruption affairs (wksta) held a series of raids as part of the investigation and initial searches held in august.

In the statement of ovwg, representing service providers for sports and gambling online games, it is said that the events of the last days indicate that in the coming deadlines of austria, it is necessary to revise its monopoly on gambling. On the one hand, it is related to numerous functions of the federal ministry of finance as a supervisory and licensing authority, as well as co-owner. On the other hand, the fact of the existence of only one national license for gambling on the internet is unnecessary, and the license itself is in doubt about compliance with the eu legislation.

In the next time of Austria, it is necessary to revise your monopoly on gambling

The appointment of sidelo to the office in casinos austria in may was perceived with anxiety, as it does not have the relevant experience in the post of chief director of finance. As a result of the beginning of the investigation on issuance of a license, he was removed from office in september. Casinos austria has a monopoly on casino activities in austria since 2016. In this regard, the three operators did not receive permits to their activities.

Also, in a statement ovwg clarified that denmark is an examplesis of quality gambling regulation, invites the clients of gambling institutions to protect players, legal safety for companies and also ensures guaranteed tax receipts to the state budget. Countries such as denmark show that the goals set can be achieved when the licensing system is introduced, in which the number of licenses is not limited, and high standards for protecting players are complied with. All providers operating in the denmark market filed applications for such licenses and in connection with this will be fully monited by the danish authorities.

Recall that the question prohibiting credit cards in gambling is lobby in the uk.

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