In Cambodia, Arrested Organizers Of Illegal Gambling From China

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January 21, 2022
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Cambodian authorities stopped the illlegal activities of the organizers of gambling, which were carried out by chinase citizens.

In Cambodia, Arrested Organizers of illegal Gambling From China

Last saturday, january 26, the north-west province cambodgi court concluded for the arrest of four chinese citizens for organizing an illegal online casino. Four, including the owner named jiang, were arrested in the evening last thursday, january 24.

The authorities claim that jiang led the ignoous online platform, which operated called city impression entertainment world. According to the investigation materials, the company registered its business in cambodia on january 17 – just a week before the authorities discovered him.

However, this is not the first case when chinese citizens organize illegal activities related to gambling in cambodia. On january 15, the police officer arrested 15 chinese citizens on suspicion of organizing online casinos after the locals reported on the villa where the suspects lived.

The concerns were confirmed, but the police eventually freed the attackers just three days after the arrest, as it turned out that the business associated with the online hembinge was actually not carried out. Despite the fact that the organizers did not organize gambling, the police still seized their computers, phones and other equipment, arguing this by the current provisions of local legislation.

Experts do not understand why people organize illegal gambling activities in cambodia, because to obtain a license to open an online casino there are no strict requirements. Last year, the ministry of economy and finance issued 52 new casino licenses, most of which were acquired to provide online services to international players.

Recall: in 2018, the number of casinos in cambodia increased by 53%. At the same time, most of the gambling establishments are located in the province of siianville province.

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