In China, Toughen Penalties For Illegal Gembling

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January 12, 2022
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China will increase fines for illegal gambling, as well as for the use of wechat social network in order to obtain illegal profit from gambling.

In China, Toughen Penalties for Illegal Gembling

At christmas zhou jiahai, depeutor of the research bureau of china’s supreme court, published a directive with a statement «five initiatives about severe punishment for cybercrime». Zhou steted that it was «unleadant duty of the judiciary – sternly punish the cybercrime in accordance with the law».

We are talking about violations of the law related to obtaining illogal profits from illegal gambling by attracting a new clienele through wechat. Also under the prohibition of the use of the service «red envelope» for money transfers related to gembling.

Deputy director stated that from now on such violations of the law will be actingal casinos, in accordance with article 303 of the criminal code. Convicted on this article are taxed with a large fine and can hold up to 10 years in places of imprisonment.

In the report, zhou argues that the illegal use of wechat red envelopes in gambling may apply «serious» harm to chinese society. In this regard, the government calls for members of the judicial system to teach residents of the country to complens of the law and discipline.

Wechat groups turned out to be a popular channel that allows citizens to partipate in the elementary forms of gambling online prohibited in the state. The government periodically reinforced repression against the illegal actions of the messenger.

Wechat also turned out to be a convenient tool for gambling operators: its services were used to directly broadcast playing tables in real time. This month, the instant messaging system was forced to refute the information that its tools for online payments were offered to players in pyongyang casino, the capital of north korea.

Recall that the chines lottery contines to gain popularity – the ministry of finance prc recorded another surge in sales in the territory of the mainland china.

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