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May 24, 2022
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Entain Expressed Dissatisfaction With The Current Reputation Of Gembling Spheres

General director of the major gambling company entain jett naigard anderson argues that the entertainment industry has a "unfair" reputation. The functioner calls on the public to consider legal gambling operators as reliable suppliers.

In an interview with british tabloids, nigard-anderson appealed to politicians with a request to avoid the application of too strict rules for regulating the sphere of gambling entertainment. According to the expert, harsh restrictions are are able to lead to the fact that users will be forced to contact the services of representatives of the black "market.

The boss entain asked the ministers to plunge into the issue of the balance between the proposed regulatory rules and the current development of the gembling industry. The proposals under consideration suggest amending the limits of rates and regular checks of customers online casinos and bookmakers.

"This is somewhat unfair, given the reputation of the industry. It is extremely important for me that we carers understand that we care about their safety. Each of them should see our socially responsible business in us, "said entain ceo.

The fears of nigard-anderson arose at the study conduced by the council at the rates and games showed a significant increase in the number of great british citizens who enjoy the capacity of unlicenzion operators of gambling business. According to the data obtained, since 2019 this figure rose from 210,000 to 460,000 people.

The delay in the british authorities with the publication of the updated code of rules for regulating the gambling market last year was sharply criticized by the participants of the campaign to combat gambling. Many activists and experts stated effect on the legal sector, which due to a number of legislative lips loses solvent customers.

Recall, georgian’s gambling operators criticized to tighten the surveillance of gambling.

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