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January 31, 2023
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Amendments to the laws «about gambling tax» and «about the cultural capital of estonia» were accepted on october 17, 2018. Norms involve an increase in tax rate and change the conditions for the redistribution of funds of the.

In Estonia, Amendments to the Law On Gambling Tax

Innovations will take effect on january 1, 2019. The following amendments were made to the law on gambling tax:

1) the state budget provides for the costs of the estonian culture development fund in the amount of 47.8% of the planned income tax on gambling, 60.6% of which are sent to the construction of cultural objects and 3.8% – to promote the work of the faculties of art and folk culture.

2) 12.7% of the gambling business will be given to the ministry of finance for the redistribution of regional investment assistance.

3) the ministry of education and science will be transferred 10.1% of the planned taxation of gambling tax. Cash should be aimed at supporting scientific, educational, children’s and youth projects.

4) the ministry of social policy will be given 15.3% of the planned tax receipt, of which 93.5% will be aimed at supporting projects in the field of health and social security and 6.Five% – on research problems ludoania.

5) the ministry of culture will be provided wile 14.1% of the planned income in the form of tax on gambling, of which 58.2% will be sent to the support of olympic preparation, 3.Five% – to support sports organizations of disabled, 10.5% and 26.2% – cultural and sports projects, 1.6% – on the fight against contractual matches.

The act about estonian cultural values ​​was also amended:

«The cultural fund council allocates 75% of funds received as a tax on fixed capital, and up to 75% of the funds obtained on the basis of a gambling tax law for the financial projects of the region and administrative expenses».

Recall that the baltic countries legalized gembling and try to ensure control over the industry. The ban on gambling activity did not spread to estonia, latvia and lithuania.

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