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July 19, 2022
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In Georgia, Banned Online Casinos

According to prime minister georgia irakli garibashvili, the online casino is waiting for a full ban. Is reported that he ordered the government to adopt a "two-stage approach": first increasely prohibit the online casino in georgia.

Georgian finance minister lasha hutsishvili will prepare a bill in which a number of initial measures will be set out that will include "a significant increase in taxes on the online casino, a ban on advertising online casinos and an increase in the minimum age to participate in gambling up to 25+ ".

However, further legislation will be followed, fully prohibiting online casino operations. Garybashvili called this step by economic and civil debt on the protection of the country while the government is working on gambling regulatory solutions.

In his statement, he said:

"One.5 billion georgian lari (460 million euros) are exported from the country through an online casino. Our citizens and the young generation play online casinos every day and lose their money. ".

This step will be a turning point for georgia, which previously promoted gambling business as a potential growth sector for the country. The last change in the legislation introduced the requirement for software providers, such as the legal presence in the country of online casino operators.

Source: focus gaming news

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