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May 10, 2022
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Against the backdrop of public unrest related to the spread of ludenia in georgia, the authorities decided to form a new control system in this regard. A new registering procedure will be entered, as well as verifying user data information.

In Georgia will strengthen the fight against gambling addiction

One of the innovations will be the formation of the list of gamers. About this work in the ministry of finance of georgia reported the head of the department ivan machavariani. The application was made within «ministerial hour» in the legislative body.

The death of two young citizens, provoked by preliminary data, problem gambling, stirred the public. Georgians began to go to the shares of disobedience. About one of these cases – in separate material. Requirements of activists have reduced not only to the recognition of the agement of mental disorder, but also to the ban of gembling marketing and restricting access to the options related to online gembling.

In the draft law of the ministry of finance will be embodied by such initiatives: an updated system for verification and players registration, creating a centralized database of citizens with gambling addiction. In addition, machavariani adds that the authorities reform the financial side of the issue, in particular, what channels can be carried out cash transactions on the payment of gembling accounts.

The head of the department noted that in the near future initiatives will be embodied in the country’s legislation.

Note that the georgian authorities do not have accurate statistics on how many igno-dependent citizens live in the country. However, some public organizations call the figure of 700 thousand. Ludoomanov.

Recall that the ban on advertising services related to gambling is initiated in georgia not for the first time.

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