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September 13, 2022
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At its annual conference, the head of governments of federal lands signed a state contract for gambling for 2021.

New legislation opens the market for online games for slot machines, poker and sports betting, and all this will be regulated by a new body in saxony-anhalt.

Separate lands will retain their monopoly on lottery products and get the opportunity to keep the monopoly on board games.

Georg plug, a representative of the board of directors of die deutsche automatenwirtschaft (daw), an umbrella organization of the associations of mechanical engineering, noted:

"We welcome the fact that quality criteria are first used when regulating commercial slot machines. It now important that federal lands relied on the quality of slot machines when performing a contract, both in terms of multiple concesions and minimum distances.

The law should be ratified by at least 13 of the 16 state parliaments of germany until april 30, 2021, to enter into force on july 1, 2021.

Georg vakker, managing director of lotto baden-württemberg, said that parliaments should act quickly after ratifying documents:

Now the ball in the court of the states; they must convert the contract to the current law so that the rules can be implemented. ".

Operators wher currently operating in the unregulated market will be allowed to connsitional mechanisms, provided that the new regulatory frams of the new regulatory framework until december 15, 2020.

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