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January 12, 2022
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Laws of ireland on gambling will be subjected to serious revision. Lawmakers plan to improve many outdated laws and make them relevant to the current market.

In Ireland, a revision of the legislation gambling

One of the important changes will be the creation of a regulatory department in which, according to preliminary plans, more than a hundred people will be involved.

In ireland, a similar audit has been planned for 5 years, but the changes were postponed due to numerous delays. Minister responsible for gembling-industry – david stanton, seriously concerned about the current state of affairs, however, it claims that the delays were due to the whole complex of reasons.

Over the past five years, huge changes have occurred in the gambling industry. One of the main transformations to which it was necessary to pay attention was to grow the popularity of online gambling, which is the main component of the industry.

After starting the work of the ignoard regulator office, the staff will be obliged to study all the features of the segment, make a competent policy and ensure the protection of citizens.

The main gambling regulator will also be responsible for solving such problems: gambling addiction and juvenile participation in gambling, advertising and sponsorser sports competitions, as well as regulation of remote gambling.

Recall, from january 1, 2019, there will be a betting tax rate in the amount of 2%.

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