In Irkutsk, A Large Hippodrome Is Put Up For Sale

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April 22, 2022
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It became known that the racetrack in the irkutsk region, recognized by bankrupt last year, was put up for auction, in connection with which there is a risk that the city will remain will without the advantages that the object brings. A petition for vladimir putin was signed on the meeting held.

In Irkutsk, A Large Hippodrome IS Put Up for Sale

Governor sergei levchenko expressed concern about this topic and the auction of hippodrome on the aution binds mainly with its bankruptcy. In the case of sale, reversed funds will be directed to debt repayent. Also, the governor clarified that state power does not have the right to invest budget funds in the purchase of an object, at the moment it is looking for a large company, whose sphere of interests are rates.

Also, the legislative assimbly of the regiont, the legislative assembly of the region, the legislative as to the prosiector’s office, the fas and the government of the russian fas and the government of the russian federation with a request to leave this object.

Dmitry berdnikov, acting mayor of the regional council, said that it is important to leave the object primarily for kids dealing with equestrian sports. Indition, it is necessary for a sepaate group of people with disabilities – to perform special adaptive exercises. The inhabitants of irkutsk also want to leave the hippodrome, in which the regional government is fully supported by.

Equestrian Sport Does Not Apply To The Main Types of Sports Activities

At the same time, in the official response of the federal property management agency, it is said that equestrian sport does not apply to the main types of sports activities of the hippodrome is the necessary measure. It is also important to know that this territorial zone is assigned specifically for an object of sports type.

Members of the federation of horse sports of russia clarify that every year up to 20 tournaments regularly take place on the territory of the hippodrome, including competitions in the olympic sports olympic sports, participation in which residents of the trans-baikal territory, buryatia and priangarya are taken. This is the only place where the tournaments are held, in which the pony takes together and is carried out by volkling.

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