In Japan, The Issue Of Developing A Regulatory Framework For Casino

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April 27, 2022
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It is likely that the three integrated resort of japan will be regulated according to similar rules for which the nevada casino works. It is known that the regulatory framework of the american state is one of the best on the world gambling market.

In Japan, the issue of developing a regulatory framework for casino

At the moment, such laws are discussed in detail in japan. Becky harris, the former chairman of the gambling council in nevada, visited osaka and tokyo, after which it stated that at the moment you can only assume what will be the gambling regulation of japan, since the work in this key has not yet completed.

It is expected that the next summer, the japan parliament will publish rules for three objects of integrated resorts in the legislative package of the federal government policy.

In the recent past, the parliament of japan was approved by the law, according to which the opening of three integrated resorts was allowed. On the vote, the deputies supported him, despite the wide public resistance. Japanese prime minister shinzo abe binds the creation of a casino with the development of the tourist sphere. The public is concerned about problems with gambling addiction.

It is assumed that problems with gambling has 5% of the adult population who participated in the survey. In order to ensure the control of gambling activities among the local population, they established a fee for entering all three casinos, which will be $ 55. Total 10 casino visits within 28 days.

Japanese officials review regulatory rules in a casino on the territory of singapore, where resorts world singapore and marina bay sands are working since 2010. As in japan, singapore lawmakers have introduced a separate fee for the entrance for the local population.

Recall, a new law in slovakia is designed to upgrade the rules of gembling.

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