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August 3, 2022
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Bank card and mobile application from tayyab – kazakh developers – all the standards established by sharia. Including – ban on calculation in casino and other gambling. The project, which was launched in kurban ayit on july 20, is intended to make the financial life of muslim easier and more convenient. In addition, on our site you can learn a lot of interesting things, for example – what is a visa and other cards than the differ and what advantages provide.


As kapital writes.Kz, a new card is available both in physical and digital form through the corresponding tayyab application. The system supports conversion in russian rubles, american dollars, kazakh tenge and euros. The card is running entirely according to sharia standards and approved shariyah review bureau and the kazakhstaning spiritual administration of muslims.

According to the creators of the map, the project’s mission – eliminate financial operations for muslims, while allowing them to strictly observe the laws of sharia. Theraefore, the card is not intended to pay in gambling, such as bc and casino, as gambling is prohibited for the adherents of islam. You can download the mobile application in apple and play stores. So far, the project is available only to residents of kazakhstan and will soon be available in the middle east.

Tayyab has invested large international players, such as dubai fintech ventures venture foundation, hsbc international bank and even one of the largest united arab emirates – mashreq bank.

In addition, the tayyab mobile application contains functions that simplify religious practice, – the departure of namaz and the address of the nearest mosque or namazhana, the direction of the kibla, the map of the counter to utter the tasbih formula.

In parallel with this, swift tests a new seamless bank transfer system, which must eliminate transaction delay problem.

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