In Kentucky, They Want To Legalize Gambling For Paying Pensions

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January 6, 2022
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After the abolition of paspa in the united states does not subscribe to the subject of legalization of online betting by individual states. In kentucky made a similar initiative. The general prosecutor of andy beshire believees that it will help solve the problem of pension payments.

In Kentucky, They Want To Legalize Gambling for Paying Pensions

Beşir said that taxes from gambling business can help staff to get out of the debt pension associated with pension obligations. Financial analysts predict that the state will need from $ 39 billion to $ 70 billion over the next 30 years tay monetary services for years of teachers, fire, police officers and other civil servants.

In a letter addressed to the legislators of the state of kentucky at the end of last month, beşin urges to consider the possibility of legalizing gambling at the local level. Currently, only rates for horsepower are allowed in kentucky, which seriously limits the staff. The prosecutor general also noted that residents are forced to go to other administrative centers to visit gambling establishments or make rates for competitions, which leads «leak» more than $ 1 billion annually.

In his letter beshir declares: «the solution to the promised pensions, but in the creation of the promised pensions, but in the creation of the new financial flow, which will eliminate the issue with payments of pension obligations worthout increasing taxes. The answer is simple – legalization of gambling, including casino, fantasy sport, as well as preparations for possible legalization of online poker».

How to propose legislators – not yet known. Representatives of the state of dennis keen developed the br15 bill, which is designed to allow the creation of the bookmakers. They will develop under the patronage of the lottery kentucky, controlled by the authorized by the state. It is expected that the bill will be reviewed after the legislators return to the meeting on january 8 of next year.

If br15 is not implemented, the prosecutor general has another opportunity to legalize gambling. He has already announced that he plans to run for the post of governor against the current head of matt bevin.

Recall that the working group of the state of kentucky on betting issues plans to establish taxes on net profit and will not impose sports leagues with additional fees.

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