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August 2, 2022
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For kenyan gembling has come long-awaited financial relief. Since 2018, the tax rate on the turnover of funds was 20%, which literally sucks from the industry all juices. But now president uhuru keniatta reduced the draconian, from the point of view of kenyan bc, a rate of up to 7.5%. If you are interested in the world of rates, then our current news of the bookmakers will be useful – come to the appropriate section!


The increase in taxes on the turn caused a wave of discontent in the past, and the bookmakers went to court demanding the tax service to substantiate such a sharp leap in taxation. This is reported by the edition of sbcnews. Recently, in the light of the adoption of the budget for the new fiscal year, president of keniatta asked the minister of finance ukura yatani kanacoon to revise the tax for bookmakers. After a detailed investigation, experts advised the authorities to reduce tax up to 7.5%.

Many doubted that keniatta, famous for his antipathy to the gambling industry, will sign a document with such a tax rate, even after approval by the committee of finance and planning. Many bookmakers even began to leave the market, for example, british sportpesa.

But, as sources reported, the president has signed amendments and now the recovery period should begin for the kenyan gaming industry. An employee of the south african law company bowmans commented on the decision of the president positively, noting that the past increase was deprived of the budget of a large number of tax revenues.

Meanwhile, in lithuania, a scandal accredited with gambling business – the official is accused of trying to give bribes to promote the interest of local gambling tycoon.

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