In Kyiv, The Director Of The Cornerstone Block Project (Video)

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February 4, 2022
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A few days ago in kyiv, grigory kuchekov, who heads the cornerstone blockchain project. This was reported ukrainian and western media.

In Kyiv, the director of the Cornerstone block project (video)

Source photo: coinspot.Io

The company, the general director of which is cuccuts, is engaged in investment projects in real estate based on a distributed registry technology. Cornerstone operating director fedor martynov connects abduction with the ico. In his opinion, the motive of committing a crime was the desire of attackers to take possession of the assembled cash.

The moment of abduction is captured by surveillance cameras.

On video, it is clearly visible as two criminals, threatening the project director with a pistol, make him sit in volkswagen van.

Martynov commented that now nothing about the whereabouts of kuchekova is unknown. According to him, representatives of the company expect new information and hope that the criminals will let go of the project. As martynov explained, no requirements for today attackers nominated.

However, skeptics hurried to express the opinion that history is more like «fakeikova». They remembered the situation with the abduction of the exmo llp managing director, as well as a specialist in the field of blockchain technology pavel lerner, which happened at the end of 2017 in kyiv. Then many representatives of the public also suggested that the incident was adjusted.

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