In Kyrgyzstan, Created The Federation Of Celebrations

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May 2, 2022
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In kyrgyzstan, opened the federation of cybersports. This was officially informed by the president of the cesente organization edil kasenov, informs «yesterday’s bishkek».

In Kyrgyzstan, created the Federation of Celebrations

Kasenov said:

«Now the cybersport develops better than the olympic species. In some states, he became a national game. We intend to develop this direction so that players can take an active part in prestigious competitions».

Also kassenov noted that the federation plans – conduct large-scale competitions, according to the results of which create a kyrgyzstan’s team on esports. Recently in the palace of sports them. The hubber (bishkek) passed the tournament in which approximately 5 thousand. Players.

According to edil kasenova, such games are held every day, and the prize fund of the competition is about $ 2 million. «We want to develop cyberport primarily for the sake of prestige, and not for the sake of money», — said the president of the newly agreed federation.

Celebrate officially recognized as a sport in russia.

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