In Kyrgyzstan, May Ban Gambling And Binary Offices

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April 13, 2022
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In kyrgyzstan, deputies made an initiative to ban the work of gambling sites. The bill is published on a parliamentary website for public hearings.

In Kyrgyzstan, may ban gambling and binary offices

The authors of the draft law appeal to the fact that from the moment of the introduction of locked on the casino and the halls of slot machines, the number of registered appeals with symptoms of gambling dependence has significantly reduced. In addition, according to the prohibition initiators, since 2011 also reduced the number of divorces and suicides related to gambling.

The document contains a specific term – «binary options». Refers to the risk-based transactions, the essence of which is that the user makes the outcome of the event. Many binary options varieties, it can be both forecasts in the currency exchange rate and assumptions about whether the price will increase certain groups of goods.

Despite the current prohibition of gembling operations, the illegal segment continues to work under the auspices of binary transactions. The number of cases associated with fraud in this area has recently increased, especially in bishkek and osh.

In addition to terrestrial objects, illegal activities are organized on the internet sites, in some cases the use of mobile applications.

Illegal activity is organized on Internet sites

According to the authors of the draft law, binary transactions act as a substitute for the gambling sphere and are popular among young residents of kyrgyzstan. Deputies claim that if it does not respond and not prohibit the segment in time, the situation with gambling establishments may repeat. Namely, the number of appeals associated with ludomania will increase, and criminal groups will try to take possession of profitable business.

According to the document, not only gambling transactions will be prohibited, but also involvement in such activities through training binary transactions will be prohibited. Also, the draft law contains norms on the introduction of criminal liability for the organization and involvement of citizens to gambling.

Earlier it was reported that in kyrgyzstan can create a gambling zone. Measure, according to the initiators, will allow to attract additional funds to the state treasury.

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