In Latvia, Earned Another Institute To Combat Ludomania

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April 18, 2022
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The latvian gambling regulator in the face of the surveillance of lottery and gambling (iaui) announced the data, according to which 127 people have already gained access to the new program for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

In Latvia, Earned Another Institute to Combat Ludomania

The program launched in july of this year is funded by the state. The initiative implies the provision of free psychological assistance addicted to gambling players and their families.

During the first four months, a total of 12 free sessions for igno-dependent citizens were organized within the project. Five more events were carried out specifically for family members ludomanov.

Qualified psychiatrieg pranay psychologist headed work in groups where igno-dependent can jointly work out problem moments and find shared solutions. Players are also free of charge individual advice of psychologists. The project manager stated that it was extremely important to work not only with ludoman, but also with his loved ones, on which the destructive effect of dependence.

The head of the gambling regulator signan byrne said that the task of iaui is not only controlling the organization of gambling and lotteries, but also a reduction in the potential risks associated with gembling operations. One of the available tools for overcoming problems with gambling is free psychological support for those who know about their gambling addiction and want to deal with it.

This initiative is one of the whole complex of measures used by iaui in order to curb the problem gambling in latvia. It is known that next year the work of a single register of self-slip players will be launched.

Recall that in latvia the struggle continues not only with gambling addiction, but also with illegal operators.

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