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July 14, 2022
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In Lithuania, Published Amendments to Advertising Gambling

Specialists of oversight service for gambling in the republic of lithuania resumed consultations about publishing advertising gambling. Consultation is resumed due to changes in the description of the procedure for placing warning inscriptions in advertising gambling. The amendments to the procedure description establish the criteria in accordance with which sponsorship notifications are classified as advertising gambling. 

In accordance with the provisions of the law on gambling, the provisions of the day on gambling, the publication of permitted advertising should include a warning the participation in gambling can lead to a gaming dependence or pathological dependence on gambling.

Consultation is designed to provide information to operators of gambling, media and the general public by granting an explanation of which advertising gambling is allowed and what you need to know before advertising advertising gambling using external advertising.

Text amendment:

12. Warning, in accordance with chapter ii of this procedure, must be provided in the information after the organizer of gambling has entered into an argement on sponsorship of a person or report having advertising characteristics, t. E. This information is designed to promote the use of the gaming operator services. Advertising messages are considered messages if they are:

12.One. Announcement of a person who received support, without specifying the time and place of the event, in which the person who supports is supported;

12.2. A sponsored event is declared withot specifying the time and place of its.

13. Warning can be omitted in messages:

13.One. On the clothes of supported persons;

13.2. On stands representing brands sponsors;

13.3. On behalf of a sponsored event or face;

13.4. Representation of the sponsor before or during a sponsored event;

13.Five. During supported events (sports competitions, concerts and t. D.) at the place of the field, stands, panels and t. D. );

13.6. During the events on which a supported person was present.

Fourteen. Exceptions set forth in paragraph 13 of the description do not apply if the types of gambling are indicated along with the trademark of the sponsor or.

15. It not necessary to place warning insriftions on signs near either windows, doors, the walls of the gambling establishment.

16. Persons who violated the descriptions of the manner established by the code of administrative offenses of the republic of lithuania and the law ".

Director virginias daukshis.

Source: official site of supervision of gambling in the republic of lithuania

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