In Lithuania, The Commission For Gambling First Fined The Operator

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February 22, 2022
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In Lithuania, The Commission for Gambling First Fined The Operator

Lithuanian gambling supervision service imposed a fine of 15,000 euros on the organizer of gambling casino uab tete-a-tete (cbet manager) for the the unreasonable establishment of bet limits on a player who. After checking, the gambling games found that the company limited the number of bets made by the player at the rate, and the latter wins no more than 20% of the maximum winnings applicable to the outcome of the seme rates event. The company founded this decision on the fact that he suspected that the paryer parchase of money for rates. Also, the company was suspected of the player and the method of enrollence of funds.

Check did not reveal the objective reasons for the player’s rates. In decision against the company, it was established that the provisions of the company do not give the company’s right to apply the bet limits if the player does not detect the situation. It should be noted that the relationship between the player and the operator of gambling cannot be unreasonably uncertain – the player cannot be limited to participate in gambling in the absence of any objective grounds for such a restriction defined in regulations or other legal acts.

This is the first decision after the law on gambling gives the authority to supervise gambling right to impose economic sanctions on gambling operators. Before the imposition of administrative fines on individuals, the gambling supervision body has repeatedly recognized the ineffectiveness of measures to combat violations of the igor’s business regime.

The decision made by the office for gambling supervision is not final and can be appealed in the manner prescribed by the law of the republic of lithuania on administrative production.

Source: official website of the commission for oversight of the gambling in lithuania

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