In Primorye, An Exhibition With Allusion On Tigre De Cristal Casino Opened

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October 6, 2022
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Expositions were presented at the exhibition center «dash» in vladivostok, on its street territory, as well as in one of the nightclubs. The exhibition started on january 27 and will last until march 11.

In Primorye, An Exhibition with Allusion On Tigre de Cristal Casino Opened

The organizer and ideological leader made a creative group of zip, which set itself the task of presenting to the audience «dual» vladivostok, combining the signs of the gambling center and the chainese resort, european and at the same time asian city.

«Why the exhibition is called “crystal tiger”? As folded in one space, in one installation all those concepts, values, symbols of vladivostok, about which we were told about which we read in historical chronicles and news reports? We tried to add it all together, and the tiger became the collecting symbol of all these values – symbol of the city, symbol of the only casino in the gambling zone “primorye”, the symbol of chance, games with which the casino is directly connected. And the image of a traditional japanese tattoo. This is a chinase symbol. Different images have developed under the sign of the crystal tiger», – commented on the conceptual component one of elena ischenko artists.

The installation concept involves walking from one zone to another that can not be missed. The casino zone is a game table and cards that are of particular importance.

«We specifically made [cards] for installation, on them – graphic works created in krasnodar. In these maps there are some specific suit, as in the deck. Needles used needles (“dash” located on the territory of the former sewing factory), shrimp (vladivostok – the city where the large fish port is located), mermaid (as a symbol of navigation) and crystal (reference to the casino “crystal tiger”)», – told one of the authors evgeny rimkevich.

Recall, in january, investors of an integrated entertinment complex «primorye» supported the idea i.About. Governor of the primorsky territory andrei tarasenko on the creation of a casino on a cruise liner.

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