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January 27, 2023
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The legal industry of russia’s online betting can be changed. Lawmakers announced plans to abolish self-regulating organizations (sro) representing the interests of licensed bookmakers.


The ministry of economic development of the russian federation is preparing a draft law on the abolition of three sro countries – two representatives of bookmakers and one tote. The departments are convinced that these organizations duplicate the functions controlled by the federal tax service (fts).

Representative resistance, however the efforts of the ministry supported the fts, the ministry of finance, as well as the central bank.

Sro, which were invited to abolish, were created sevel years ago to assist in licensing online operators representing the russian legal betting market. Sro manage centralized online payment centers known as zuupis whose task is to process all client payments. This feature allowed the government to monitor all online activities in the country.

It was planned that this year the government of russia will simplify the registration process in the cupis, but the relevant legislation has not yet been developed and approved. At the moment, it not clear how the abolition of the sro will affect the promotion of the cupis.

Nicholas oganezov, a former member of the first sro and now the chairman of the commerce and industry of russia, called the government’s attempted to eliminate self-regulatory organizations «strange decision». Oganezov also stressed that the abolition of sro will lead to chaos on the russian bookmaker market.

Currently, in russia, 16 licensed online betting operators, most of which have demonstrated economic growth due to the world cup.

Recall that the ministry of finance offered a new self-mixing program for russians with gambling addiction, according to the rules of which clients can provide information about the desire to be removed from gambling in sro.

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