In Russia, Theine Create Their Own Cryptocurrency

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April 4, 2022
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According to the newspaper «kommersant», in russia, going to create their own cryptocurrency. Rosfinmonitiring shared information, which are still discussed in the country’s banking and financial institutions. It is assumed that the activities of the issuers of cryptocurrencies will be licensed, emissions – regulated, the exchange will occur according to certain rules, and complete anonymity is impossible. At the same time, the turnover of other cryptocurrencies will be prohibited.

In Russia, Theine Create Their Own Cryptocurrency

According to representatives of the department, such initiatices will ensure the safety of consumers, they will exclude shadow schemes with cryptocurrencies, it is possible that financial transactions should be reduced. The disadvantage will be inaccessible to new global technologies in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

Deputy director of rosfinmonitoring. Livadan said that the topic is actively discussed among stakeholders, among which representatives of the ministry of finance, banks and central bank. Perhaps some outcome, a bill will appear.

New cryptocurrency will have the owner – issuer responsible for her release. The issuer’s activities will be regulated by law, most likely, it will be subject to licensing. Special electronic platform operating on the regulations will be created for the exchange of the rube and other currencies on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency buyers must be identified at mandatory to avoid unlawful actions.

The introduction of its own cryptocurrency, the turnover of which will be regulated by law, will lead to the ban on other cryptocurrencies. The prohibition is already valid in russia, on the regulator’s website there is a relevant document in which bitcoin is called a monetary surrogate.

The proposals of the regional regulation authorities were perceived by market participants in different ways. Banks are more intereted in basis of which bitcoin is created than the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Head of sberbank russia herman gref believees that the future of blockchain technology.

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