In Russia, They Will Create “Closed” Internet: What It Means

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January 10, 2022
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Roskomnadzor intends to spend up to 20 billion rubles ($ 295 million) to create a more advanced system, which will not allow russian users to access forbidden online content.

In Russia, They Will Create'closed' internet: what it means

In october, alexander zharov, the head of roskomnadzor, said that the department prepares a completely new system of filtering and blocking illegal content (dpi). On tuesday, december 18, the russian service reported that the new system involves a deep test of data packets to analyze the contents of digital messages on the way to their potential recipients.

According to experts, the current set of filtering tools in roskomnadzor is based on an inefficient domain blocking system, which is aimed at thousands of international gambling sites serving russian players without obtaining the appropriate permit. Last week, roskomnadzor also imposed a fine on google’s company for the fact that she did not delete the prohibited russian sites from search results.

Testing a new dpi system began in august and, as reportedly, in recent months, its scale has expanded, since the tests passed in several major cities. Several local companies are ready to introduce a new system, and testing supervision is carried out by roskomnadzor, fsb security agency and the ministry of digital development.

New bill

On december 14, the russian state duma received projects of new laws that would create an autonomous russian internet that could function independently of the international network and would allow strict control over all transboundary internet traffic.

The authors of the draft law insist that this «closed» the internet will be activated only in case of an emergency: several such cases will be described in the draft law. The new filtration system of roskomnadzor will be aimed at not allowing the network of prohibited materials.

However, innovations were severely criticized by many experts. In their opinion, the russian authorities are more likely to be the chinese internet filtering system.

Meanwhile, roskomnadzor actively blocks illegal gambling sites. Only for the first week of december agency limited access to 3189 resources.

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