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January 6, 2022
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The russian government intends to establish a limit on the volume of investment in projects, cryptocurrency assets, as well as startups by crowdfunding. The approprite bill will be reviewed by the state duma of the russian federation in the second reading in the near future.

In Russia Will BE Introduced to Investment Limit

According to him, unqualified investors will be able to invest no more than 600 thousand. Rubles per year. At the same time, the restriction for investment for one project – up to 100 thouusand. Rubles.

The purpose of the bill – protect citizens from financial projects like «cashbury». According to experts, victims of such dubious companies are people with low financial literacy. It im important to consider that the organizer of such projects use psychological methods to interest citizens.

The press service of the bank of russia celebrated high risks associated with investments through crowdfunding platforms. Financial experts are confident that depositors can lose all invested money, return which will be difficult.

The first reading of the bill has been in spring this year. However, it would be established by the regulatory documents of the bank of russia. The head of the state duma committee aksakov explained only on private investors inserting funds to various commercial projects.

Recall: damage caused to depositors by the company «cashbury», rated more than 3 billion rubles.

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