In Singapore, A Competent Policy Of Regulating Gambling Business Was Established

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January 31, 2023
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Coordinated measures to supervise the singapore casino-resorts work well, the representative of the international casino administration at the conference reported.

In Singapore, A Competent Policy of Regulating Gambling Business Was Established

Tang tech van, chief legisoffsultcra, was present at the iagr annual conference, and also took part in the discussion on the diffulaties of making decisions with regulators when balancing numerous interests.

Singapore uses an interdepartmental approach to the management of casino resorts. The ministry of commerce and industry of the country and tourism board of singapore monitoring the resort casino to develop economicly and other ministries, including cra, are managed by.

Cra also works closely with the department of social and family development over social guarantees related to casino gambling, the document says.

Chief legal counsel said that cra owns a comprehensive regulation tool. He clarified that there is such tools such assue a license or a review of the license, as well as the authority to send licensees to athority to send licensees to adjust actions in violotion of cra rules.

Tang tech van believees that when choosing a type of sanction, regulatory authorities should take into account the level of licensee culture, as well as the ability and willingness to comply with regulatory requirements.

Minister for labor resources and internal affairs josephine theo consolidate the regulatory functions of the casino in singapore. As reassons for greater consolidation of roles, it referred to regional casino compettion and the need to constantly improve the quality of work.

In the report for the 2017 fiscal year, the amount of fins imposed on two casino-resort operators decreased by 63.6% compared with the previous financial year. It is also no. 2017 to march 31 amounted to 60,000 singapore dollars ($ 43,457), whereas for the same period of 2016 this amount was about $ 120 thousand.

Recall that gambling activity in singapore somewhat slowed down. Brokerage company sanford c. Bernstein pointed out in the financial statement that gross income from the gaming industry (ggr) for the entire 2018 year in singapore will decrease by 2.4% compared with last year and will be $ 4.53 billion.

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