In Spain, Ready To Revise The Rules Of Work Of The Gambling Industry

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April 29, 2022
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The new coalition government of spain, headed by pedro sanchez, called the formation of new rules for the work of the gambling industry of the main task. It is expected that the recultory framework regulating the gambling business will be significantly revised.

In Spain, Ready to Revise The Rules of Work of the Gambling Industry

The spanish government is ready to focus the strength around the problems associated with gambling. As part of the formation of a coalition, alberto garson espinos was appointed minister for consumer affairs. It is for him to oversee the development of new gembling regulations.

According to the spanish media, the department of espinos will supervise the development of the gambling industry. Before the industry was controlled by the ministry of finance.

Previously, the authorities have already announced new restrictions in the work of gambling operators. It is expected that innovations contribute to the more qualitative implementation of the principles of responsible gembling in the activities of licensees of the spanish market.

The program consists of six items, one of which is regulated by the rules for advertising gembling products. The implementation of the prescription will be overseen by the minister of consumer affairs. And new standards comply with the rules for advertising tobacco products. This type of advertising was hard limited 15 years ago. Since then, tobacco companies cannot conclude sponsorship agreements with sports organizations or broadcast commercials in the media. Such a model will also be applied to gembling advertising.


In addition, the government plans to promote healthier entertainment and carefully monitor the first signs of the emergence of gambling dependence. Such a relationship of the authorities is based on the negative impact of excitement, a detrimental passion for which may end with serious financial problems.

Innovations will affect the segment of ground casinos. So, gembling objects will change the operation mode and will be required to stop receiving guests until 22:00. The location of the gambling establishments will also be rigidly regulated.

In addition, gambling operators will have to inform their customers about risks related to gambling.

Recall that the growth of the financial indicators of the spanish online segment of gambling business for 2018 was 22.5%.

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