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September 23, 2022
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In Sweden 4 companies received warnings and fines

Swedish gambling regulator ruled several warnings and fines from companies offering games on the internet for unauthorized bonus offers.

Game companies with a swedish license can offer its customers a bonus only at the first opportunity of the game. Swedish game inspection in his supervision, found that four companies violated legislation, repeatedly offering bonuses. Swedish game inspection also believes that, distributing gifts to vulnerable players, companies have violated their duty to exercise caution for these players. Swedish gaming inspection considers violations serious. Serious violations should lead to the review of the license, unless the warning is considered sufficient.

According to the swedish game inspectorate, it can be assumed that these four companies will not violate the rules on bonus proposals in the future, and therefore believes that the warning together with the fine is sufficient intervention.

The swedish game inspectorate decided to measures regarding the following licensees:

Casinostugan ltd, warning and fine in the amount of 25 million swedish crowns.

Comeon sweden ltd, warning and a fine of 35 million swedish crowns.

Hajper ltd, charge for prevention and sanctions in the amount of 50 million swedish crowns.

Faster ltd, warning and fine in the amount of 65 million swedish crowns.

Warning can be combined with a fine. When determining the size of penalties, special attention is paid to how serious is the violation and how long it lasted, ch. Section 15 of the law on games. The pencils are established depending operations in the direct financial year and is at least 5,000 swedish crowns and no more than 10 percent of the annual turnover of the licensee on the game to which licenses are subject to. Section 13 of the law on games.

Source: official website of the swedish igor commission

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