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May 26, 2022
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In Sweden, Operators Are Combined to Expand Knowledge Market

Four largest ignoal operators of sweden combine efforts to raise awareness of the swedish gambling market by runing a new fakta om spel information website (facts about gambling). The purpose of the site is to become a central database of facts and statistics on the licensed swedish gambling market, to be easily accessible and thus, to promote more factory debates. Some of the largest operators of sweden support the initiative in collaboration with the swedish association of online gambling (bos).

From january 2019, the market of gambling business in sweden was redesigned and opened for licensed operators offering their products to swedish consumers. Today, about 100 operators have a license to work in sweden with a total income of about 15 billion swedish crowns and about 3 billion swedish crowns at gambling taxes annually contribute annually.

Knowledge of the swedish gambling market is usually low, and often incorrect ideas about how the market is regulated, which requirements entails a license and how the market develops. Fakta om spel is a place where visitors can, among other things, access independent information about the gambling industry, learn that entails the duty to exercise caution, get the latest tax and marketing statistics, learn more about how self-exclusion or work limits for sessions / deposits, read about various types of games, get the latest statistics, as well as view published studies and reorts.

"It is important that we have an open and free discussion about the gambling market. Publishing "facts about gambling", we hope to contribute to a discussion based on facts, and contribute to the expansion of cooperation in the gaming industry and with other important stakeholders. The idea is that site is expanding over time, and we would like more organizations to support this initiative. We know that the expansion of knowledge contributes to a healthier, safe and fair market of gambling, emphasizing the benefits of the licensed market, but also emphasizing the important problems in which the industry, authorities, politicians and suppliers must jointly focus on, "says gustav hoffstedt, secretary general bos.

The facts about gambling were created and financed by online gambling operators betsson, kindred group, leovegas and william hill in collaboration with the association online gambling (bos). All information on the site is based on official sources and reports.

Source: official website of the swedish association of online gambling

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