In Tajikistan Bloggers-Organizers Of Lotteries Will Oblige To Receive License And Pay Taxes

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July 21, 2022
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The ministry of finance of tajikistan found illegal activities of local bloggers who conduct online lotteries on their internet channels in youtube. How to play the lottery right by reference.

In Tajikistan Bloggers-Organizers of Lotteries Will Oblige to Receive License and Pay Taxes

In this regard, the authorities are planning to make amendments to the law, according to which bloggers will need to receive a license to conduct such activities, writes radio ozo (tajikistan).

Having received a license, bloggers-organizers of lotteries undertake to pay taxes in the treasury, otherwise they will be attracted to responsibility for the management of unlawful entrepreneurial activities.

The fact that initiatives of the authorities can be associated with the fact that in the the last monhs, tajikistan bloggers began massively conduct draws and lotteries on their channels in youtube. The cost of tickets varied within 100-200 somoni (1-3 thousand. Rub.). As a prize, bloggers offered money, used smartphones, cars and more.

With the decision of the authorities to introduce compulsory licensing bloggers disagree. In particular, because the acquire online lotteries mostly inhabitants of russia, among which there are migrants from tajikistan. In turn, the authorities remind you held in tajikistan, and this is the basis for the introduction of taxation.

Not without any problems and the process of holding online lotteries. One of the tajik bloggers fileal safarov believees that bloggers can often carry out lotteries with violations. For example, a blogger organizer can put a car of his neighbor as a prize and the same neighbor draw. As a result, the blogger will collect money from other players, pay part of the amount of the neighbor for the provision of mutually beneficial assistance, and the players will remain with nothing.

NOT WITHOUT Any Problems and the Process of Holding Online Lotteries

Bloggers deny participation in such schemes, referring to the public holding a lottery on the internet, where users can independently see the whole process, including circulation. At the same time, the bloggers-entrepreneurs do not understand why the ministry of finance tajikistan, if almost all of their customers are outside the state.

Note, at the benning of the year, the tajikistan tax committee notified the bloggers that they are required to pay taxes from their income in social networks and youtube. At time, 29 pages and channels of bloggers functioned in the country, whose audience numbered from 3 to 19 million subscrirs.

After the statements of the authorities, bloggers of the their income is very small, so their will have to close their pages and channels in social networks. To register bloggers should have been until april 1 of this year. Otherwise their activity is considered illegal.

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