In The Czech Republic Declined The Number Of Ludomans

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March 21, 2022
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According to the data provided by the national dependence monitoring center, 60 thousand live in the czech republic. Ludoomanov. Of these, 13 thousand. – juvenile. Last year, the czechs spent about 250 billion crowns on gambling.

In the Czech Republic declined the number of ludomans

The report also emphasizes that over the past few years there has been a positive trend of reducing the number of citizens suffering from gambling dependence. Negative trend can be traced in relation to the country’s young generation.

According to last year, 177 women and 1079 men appealed for medical care for the treatment of gambling dependence. The number of patients who addresses medical institutions is also reduced every year.

Doctors note that lost interpersonal relationships and cash debts are the most severe effects of luda. According to statistics, unpaid loans have 90% of igno-dependent. On average, we are talking about 750 thousand. Kron.

Income from the online gambling industry over the past five years increased by 266%. This industry can be called first in relation to growth rates.

Recall that the gambling operator with a world name – microgaming became part of the czech online gambling market.
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