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January 31, 2022
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On the world of the first iver betting on sports america, the head of epic risk management focuses on the importance of a responsible approach to gambling for gambling companies.


Corporate social responsibility (csr) – three words that today the gambling industry considers an integral part of his lexicon. This responsibility can not be reduced, nor shifting on someone else.

The sports betting sector in the united steates towards a serious discussion of this issue. Such information provided the american gambling association in a recent study of the topic of problem gambling, which was conduced by the organization mellman group. It turned out that most american are able to play responsibly, however, a deeper study is needed.

According to paul baka, executive director epic risk management – the leading international consulting company to minimize harm from gambling in the uk and ireland, today you can take much more steps. More details he will stop on this issue at the conference betting on sports america in april as part of a special panel discussion on the topic «fighting problem gambling: what effectively?».

«The biggest potential problem is that on the protection of customers and stability begin to focus only when it is too late. It seems that there is now a fight rather for a strategic position, and very little discussion of safe / responsible gambling. Each us state separately should not wait until the level of bankruptcy, criminal offenses, divorces and suicides will increase before starting to take action. Prevention of dependence is much more efficient and less costly than its treatment», – noted buck.

According to ceo, training programs for campagns, sites about safe gembling, responsible advertising and other initititives of this kind shold be the norm along with healthy partner relations between operators and banks.

The tank also added that a large number of people can play gambling and perceive them as a type of entertainment, while controlling their time, funds and cognitive abilities. However, a certain percentage will still suffer from ludomania.

Recall that earlier this month sbc, the organizer of betting on sports america, announced the conclusion of partnership with ascend fs.

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