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July 4, 2022
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The market of legal gambling online games in the netherlands is open from today. Earlier management of gambling netherlands announced that 10 companies were provided with a license for giving gambling over the internet.

Legalization and regulation of gambling on the internet is the result of a law on remote gambling. The purpose of the law is to create a fairly attractive legal offer for gambling on the internet so that dutch consumers who want to play through the internet could get there. The game supervision is carried out by gambling.

Rena yansen, chairman of the board of directors of gaming authority, says that 10 licenses issued are only the beginning.

"Applications have not yet been considered. There is a category of suppliers who have not yet allowed to submit applications for permission. This is the result of the proposal of postema, made during the discussion of the draft law in the senate. Other providers may also be intereted, but the are waiting for the application, because the are not yet ready. Strict conditions must be met and thorough testing. But the owners of the licenses will certainly be more.

Earlier this year, the management of gambling announced that 29 applications were filed. There is an open system: all applicants corresponding to the conditions receive a ticket.

The law on remote gambling in the netherlands not only legalizes and regulates gambling on the internet. Compared to current legislation, there are also additional requirements for the prevention of drugs addiction and advertising. This law is an important step in the modernization of dutch gambling policy. This is aimed at protecting consumers, preventing the game dependence and the fight against crime and illegality.

Rena jansen: "mission gaming authority – play safely", consumers who want to participate in gambling, should be able to do it in a safe environment. The user must be confident in an honest game. And the provider must pay fairly attention to the prevention of the game dependency. Today is an important step – a legal market for gambling online games has been opened. Recent years have shown that it is simply impossible to prohibit online gambling. Legalization and regulation allow you to better protect consumers from abuse ".

Source: official site of igor’s commission in the netherlands

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