In The Next Five Years, The Growth Of The Cloud Game Market Is Expected

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April 25, 2022
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It is expected that by 2022 the cloud game market will increase to $ 2.61 billion. The increase in its economic efficiency, as well as the introduction of portable gaming devices.


It is known that cloud technologies have changed the specifics of video games and are increasingly gaining popularity. Due to the fact that the provider launches the game on its server, the gamer does not need to spend hundreds of dollars on the console. To use cloud games, only a personal computer and internet access is required. And this is one of the fundamental factors for the growth of the cloud game market.

It also crarifies that for maximum comfort, cloud games require a stable internet connection at a speed of 50 mbps. The introduction of cloud computing in the game has opened additional opportunities for advanced solutions, such as augmented reality (ar), virtual reality (vr) and contextual-dependent games.

Cloud games have separate advantages than attracting a large audience. Among them allocated:

  • Stable network connection;
  • Ensuring the gameplay without downloading the game and its installation.

Also companies can focus on developing functions that will expand the capabilities of multiplayer games and introduce new solutions in this market. Thanks to the cloudy games now there is no binding to the platform. As a result, they can be launched on pcs and tablets, regardless of which operating system is installed.

Smart tv manufacturers now also integrate cloud service support. Today, any tv with the appropriate software and controller can work as a platform for games without using any additional equipment. It makes cloud games even more attractive for developers.

Smart TV Manufacturers Also Integrate The Support of the Cloud Games Service

It expected that smartphones are expect to be the most popular among devices for using cloud games in the period 2018-2026. During this period, the popularity of smartphones will grow by 30.One%. To improve the gameplay, manufacturers will compleden smartphones with more powerful processories, wide screens, will increase image quality and audio systems.

North america will develop in this direction faster. In the predicted period, its growth will be 29.One%. This is due to the fact that from the moment the video game appears, america has become the place where the become popular most. Also, according to statistical data provided in the office and statistics management (esa), the prevailing number of us residents believe that video games are useful.

The main participants in the world market for cloudy games are such companies:

  • Ibm;
  • Ubitus inc.;
  • Simplay;
  • Nvidia;
  • Liquidsky software;
  • Remotemyapp sp. Z oo;
  • Samsung electronics;
  • Hatch entertainment ltd.;
  • Cloudzen;
  • Google
  • Sony corporation;
  • Parsec cloud, inc.;
  • Gamefly, inc.;
  • Microsoft;
  • Crytek gmbh;
  • Amazon web services.

Project Steam

Google recently launched a project steam cloud gaming service, which was tested during the preparing for the game assassin’s creed odyssey. After that, microsoft also revealed more information about its streaming service in cloud games, better known as project xcloud.

Recall, it became known that in december the ukrainian team of cyberfutball was formed.

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