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January 30, 2023
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Buenos aires’s authorities aproved the law allowing gambling online games throughout the province of argentina.

In The Province of Buenos Aires Legalized Online Gambling

It should be noted that the bill met fierce resistance among members of the cambemos coalition party, as well as other legislators. However, representatives of both the senate and the the legalization of online gambling due to the real need to attract additional income to the treasury.

According to the politica online, during the debate, the head of the unidad ciudadana party (coalition created for the speech against the ruling party of president mauricio makri) maria teresa garcia expressed the view that the adoption of this draft law is «soil for money laundering».

Meanwhile, the depet carlos moreno, also an ardenent critic of the current administration, said that he did not understand wh the governor promotes this initititive, despite the fact that he was so critic of the gambling industry so many years.

However, the ruling party claims that online hembaling in the province of buenos aires de facto has long ago, and the only thing that did the government, – brought it out of the shadows.

In addition, party representatives argue that blocking offshore operators is inappropriate and has not previously been successful in other jurisdictions. Provincial lottery and casino institute (iplyc) studied the rules for regulating gambling online games in several countries and used the implementation of laws on online gambling colombia, france and spain as models of how this sphere will be regulated in the province in the future.

This initiative was included in the 2019 budget and the law on taxes submitted to the legislative authority by the governor vidal. He also offered to establish two new tax on gambling: one – for online gambling, and the other, 2%, – on prizes awarded with slot machines.

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