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April 26, 2022
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In «casino sochi» the poker tournament will be held, dedicated by the third year since the founding of gambling establishment. The tournament will be free, a guaranteed prize fund amount of 3 million rubles is expected.


According to the press service «casino sochi», the date of the beginning – january 6. Endes tournament on january 9. To participate in a free poker competition has the ability to anyone, for this you only need to register on the office zone. Meetings behind gambling tables will be held for four days from 11:00 in freeroll format. In case the player dropped out of the tournament, there will be an unlimited number of repeated inputs to the game with the appropriate payment.

On the evening of january 10, the final stage starts on which the winner will be determined. The result will be summarized by the bounty tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 2 million rubles, as well as the buy-in amount of 23 100 rubles. Poker tournament will be part of an extensive entertainment program. In the walls of irskz «krasnaya polyana» extras will be held a series of concerts.

So, from january 1 to january 11, in addition to poker tournaments, in the entertainment program «casino sochi» included concerts, draws and various shows. Separately on january 4th the celebration of the birthday of casino will be held «boomeranang», and january 5 – directly «casino sochi». Throughout the time, among the invited groups and artists will be: «beetles», # 2 mashi, vladimir kuzmin, «leingrad», «degrees», emir kusturica, lolita.

Recall, recently it became known that the dates of the nations cup on the match poker were transferred to another time.

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