In The Uk, You Can Impose Strict Restrictions On Gembling

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February 1, 2022
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The deputy head of the labor party of great britain tom watson believes that online hembaling in the country should be severely limited.

In the UK, you can impose strict restrictions on gembling

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In his opinion, the problems of gambling addiction that provoke gambling are «social health emergency situation». Politician believes that current gambling laws do not meet the needs of the modern era of digital decisions.

In addition, watson calls for a limitation of the size of online rates, as well as globally – the possibilities of them exercise. In his statement, he stressed that the current legislation regulating online gambling is analogue with respect to the laws regulating the work of ground casinos, and this – rough mistake that does not take into account the features and opportunities of the technological era.

Politician believes that if the limit of the size of the rates is valid in ground casinos and in the reception points for sports, then such a mechanism must be implemented and on the websites of online gambling operators. Otherwise, vulnerable visitors will be punch.

These comments regarding the regulation of gambling followed following the appeal of the labor players to the introduction of the ban on the use of credit cards to pay for gembling operations.

Recall that in anticipation of the introduction of even more stringent rules for regulating gambling in the uk, local gambling associations are combined.

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