In Turkey, A Tender For Finding Responsible Gembling Operators Will Be Launched

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January 14, 2022
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The country has announced a tender, the main purpose of which is to search for betting operators for gambling operations on behalf of the sportoto state service. Applications for participation in the tender must be submitted until february 11.

In Turkey, A Tender for Finding Responsible Gembling Operators Will Be Launched

Companies applying for a 10-year contract with sportoto must a network consisting of 500 outless. It is planned that 6 thousand will operate in turkey. Reception items for sports. Companies must accommodate their offices in ankara province.

The government puts ambitious goal in the area of ​​rates, predicting that sales for the first year will amount to about 17 billion turkish lear ($ 3.1 billion).

The tender will take place in less thanked a gambling suppression policy (in front of the 2018 world cup football championship), which led to an increase in the number of illegal gambling institutions. Only in ankara 64 raids were carried out, as a result of which 39 peple were in places of imprisonment.

In turkey, there are currently two state gambling operators – sportoto and lottery milli piyango. Despite the ban on gambling, according to the latest data, last year, turkish players sport around $ 11.4 billion on online gambling.

The prohibition of gambling until recently was quite common practice in muslim countries. However, when the closure of gambling establishments in 1998 led to the ousting of gembling in the shadow, all non-state operators were also prohibited.

Turkey president regep tayyip erdogan repeatedly stated that negatively applies to the spread of gambling, although it does not interfere with the work of state operators.

In addition, turkey limit banking operations related to gambling business. Despite the fact that the state for many years led policies for the suppression of gambling, the announced tender proposal can be considered a step towards expanding the existing gambling market.

Except in terms of total ban on gambling is the turkish republic of northern cyprus.

Recall that sberbank representatives conducted a study, the purpose of which was the analysis of tourist expenses from russia, resting in foreign resorts. Turkey was named one of the most popular tourist destinations for russians.

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