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August 24, 2022
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Director of the ukrainian interbank association of members of payment systems ema alexander karpov said during a press conference dedicated to cybermother in ukraine and the world in the market of non-cash settlements, which since 2012 began the rise in the level of cyberman. Reports about it the press service «ukrainian novini».

In Ukraine, cases of cyber-seater in the electronic payment sector - experts

According to karpova, an increase in the number of cases of cybermanship contributes to the lack of an effective tool for disseminating information among citizens to counter cybercrime. The expert said that the most popular cybercrimes are phishing and wising.

Typical form of phishing: the client of the banking institution receives a notice that the bank’s administration requests confidential information (accounts, passwords). The email is sent to the site of attackers, where data is theft.

A typical chance of visitan looks in the same way as phishing, except that the email is asked to call back to the city number, where the client read sent information and ask to inform the personal data of the cardholder.

«Three of the four transmit information to third parties – fraudster. On average, today, the loss deposited by cyber speakers is about 5 thousand. Uah. We intend to launch a special program to improve the security of bank transactions with the support of the us embassy. It is planned that until september of the next year the program will be fully developed and commissioned», – commented on karpov.

Also, the expert stressed that ukraine made a significant levelap in favor of non-cash payments – for each million metropolitan residents accounts for 7.5 thousand. Terminals.

According to dmitry crepaak, the head of visa division in ukraine, the state has lower banking crimes in comparison with the cis countries – for every 100 uah, bank institutions lose less than 1 copy.

According to the first departure of the topic of alexander greenchak, for 8 months from the year, approximately 9 thousandsand were recorded. Statements of citizens in relation to all criminal acts of attackers, where 40% falls on crimes in the banking system.

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