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January 12, 2022
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Member of the indian parliament shashi tharuur offered a bill to consideration in the lower chamber, which establishes the rules of rates for sports and conducting matches. Ji site, an expert on the indian gambling industry, commented on the likely innovations.

Indian Gambling Expert Supported A New Bill

The site believees that if the bill is adopted, it will be able to ensure compliance with integrity in sports. What, in turn, will benefit sports federations, sports fans and the entire sports industry.

«Regulation online betting will benefit technological companies that are trying to introduce innovations in this area. It will also benefit consumers, ensuring their better product, and will benefit the state treasury, allowing to use taxes from gambling business for public needs», – specified policies.

Indian state authorities establish local gambling laws, most of whom do not regulate online gambling. Unified federal legislation in the country today is not accepted. Skill games most of the states were recognized as not falling under the definition of gambling.

New legislation, in the opinion of the site, is good because the regulators will be able to track suspicious betting dynamics and investigate such cases. In addition, taxes from gambling business can be aimed at solving social problems, and not to settle in the accounts of illegal bookmakers.

The bill also involves attracting foreign direct investment, which, in turn, will create a competitive environment and leads to the market of experienced gambling operators.

Recall that india is still one step approached the legalization of rates for daily fantasy sports.

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