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April 25, 2022
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According to the website of the ministry of finance, only in the gambling business of the sverdlovsk region performed funds from 10.7 thouusand. Rubles.


Specifically, in october, the gembling industry in the budget of the region contributed 1.1 thousand. Rubles. At the same time, for the entire period of 2019, the volume of the funds of the funds is 13.6 thousand. Rubles. Thus, according to the data published for today, 2.9 thousand remained, gambling. Rubles until the end of the year.

Note that in the region there is no gambling zones, which are mainly bringing revenues to budgets of russian regions.

From january january to october last year, according to the report for 01.Eleven.2018, the amount of funds executed in the sverdlovsk region amounted to 11.1 thouusand. Rubles, and 1.2 thousand were sold separately for october. Rubles. For 2018, the amount of approved funds amounted to 18.1 thousand. Rubles, which is 4.5 thousand. Rubles more than this year.

Recall, published data for nine months about tax revenues to the budget of moscow.

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