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April 13, 2022
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On wednesday, october 23, as part of the group stage of the champons league will be held between milan «interom» and dortmunds «borussia». Announcement game and forecast from experts in our material.

Inter'-' Borussia '(October 23): Forecast for the Champions League Match
Content: 1. «Inter» – «borussia»: first meeting for 15 years2. Game form «intera» and «borussia» dortmund3. «Inter» – «borussia»: expert forecast bc «melbet»4. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

«Inter» – «borussia»: first meeting for 15 years

Group f – one of the most competitive in the 2019/2020 champions league draw. The quartet at once there are three potential members of the playoffs: «barcelona», «borussia» and «inter». At the same time, as the first round showed, czech «slavia». However, before arrival of the head coach of the milan team antonio conte, «inter» also was far from the status of the favorite of this tournament. But the bright start of the italian team in the series and from the six victories in a row forced analysts to tink about «neradzurri» how serious strength.

The last time the teams met in the distance in 1994 within the framework of the uefa cup. Both club won at home, but the amount passed «inter», he also turned out to be a turnating triumph. Then milanians led jampierro marini, and the best scorer of the cup became the legendary

Inter'-' Borussia ': the first meeting for 15 years

Dennis bergkamp.

In this raffle, the teams are diametrically opposite. «Borussia» located first place with 4 points in the asset. «Inter» i am still content only one.

Total table

At the same time, only two rounds passed, and the situation may change in the next game.

Game form «intera» and «borussia» dortmund

As noted earlier, «inter» antonio corte perfectly started in the series a, which allowed experts to start talking about fc, as a potential competitor «juventus». But the personal meeting of the teams broke everything in places. Milan club on his field lost «zebram» and lost leadership in the championship. But it is unlikely that this defeat will seriously affect the attitude of the players before meeting in lch. Fans fansre a alarming – problems with composition.

So, alexis sanchez, who just started typing in a new team, was injured in a friendly game against colombia and fell for sevel months. So far, conte will will to be content with the presence of lucaki with martinez and hope that none of them will receive damage. Also in october, the team lost stephano sensei and danilo d’ambrosio. For this reason, rumors recently appeared that artem dzubi can go to «international» already this winter.

???? | lavori in corso

doppio allenamento per la squadra oggi ad appiano ????

Qui foto e report ???? Https: // t.Co / oekrkatpte pic.Twitter.Com / nmkznhu4et

— inter (@inter)
october 16, 2019

Concerning «borussia», then fc under the leadership of lucien fava is in a small crisis. After all, the team that was the main favorite of the bundesliga, now takes the eighth position in the championship and from the onall of the day month ago. At the same time, in the champions league, it is still not experiency problems, with «barcelona» the match ended with zero draw, and «slavia» there was no special problems with a score of 2: 0.

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«Inter» – «borussia»: expert forecast bc «melbet»

According to experts of the bookmaker company bk «melbet», chances of the team are about equal to the minimum advantage towards the fields of the field. Analysts argue that the arrival of antonio corte to the post of head coach plays a fundamental role in this. In the short term, an experienced italian built a combat-ready team that can repulse with any opponent. In the same game against «barcelona» milan club had every chance to take away from catalona at least a draw.

Full throttle, full focus…The boys are back in town ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / oklnczaec2

— borussia dortmund (@blackyellow)
october 17, 2019

The role of the coach will play a decisive role in the upcoming confrontation. «Borussia» fava – this is a team that can and loves to carry out massive attacks, in defense to use high pressure and put pressure on opponent. «Inter» same beautiful in defense and readily give the ball to the enemy (despite the game at home). Antonio knows how to play with such teams that he did not once prove to the coach of the italy national team in his, «juventus» and «chelsea».

«Inter» i miss very little, while «borussia» does not boast reliability in defense (for seven games in the championship – 11 missed heads). This factor, according to the experts of the bc «melbet», can become key in the upcoming confrontation. However, in general, chances are approximately equal. It is hardly worth expecting a large number of heads, rather, this is a match in which any error can cost victory.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • «Inter» – 2.44;
  • «Borussia» d – 2.86;
  • Draw – 3.Five.

Earlier, we wrote that the battle took a meeting with zydan.

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