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January 11, 2022
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As part of the central match of 18 tours of the 2018/2019 milan «inter» splay will play «napoli».

Content: 1. Match «inter» – «napoli» will be held on december 26 in milan2. Third strength series a – «inter»3. Ancelotti was able to rebuild «napoli»4. «Inter» – «napoli»: forecast bookmakers at the a4 series.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk "league rates"

Match «inter» – «napoli» will be held on december 26 in milan

The main duel of this tour between «interom» and «napoli» will be held on wednesday, december 26, in the stadium «giuseppe meazza» in milan. Commands have met 153 times. Mostly victory was on the side of the milan club – 66, neapolitans – 45, another 37 times the clubs tied. Last season, the did not reveal the best, both match by completing with the score of 0: 0.

See match «inter» against «napoli» you can on the tv channel «match tv». The beginning of the broadcast of the series a series is scheduled at 21:25 moscow time.

Third strength series a – «inter»

Has passed two years after luciano spouthetti left «roma» in «inter». During this time, he not only lured ninggolaan from his former club, but also built a combat-ready team by making «inter» real third force in the series and after «juventus» and «napoli». This year «neradzurri» not enough a bit to get out of the lc group where he opposed «barcelona», «tottenham» and psv. Good result, taking into account the fact that «black and blue» not played in this tournament for 6 years.

The upcoming match is very important for «interistic». At the time of writing a forecast, the club ranks third in the championship, behind the second place for 6 points and 14 from the first. If they lose, then season you can forget about the fight not only for the scoundrel, but also for the second place.

Ancelotti was able to rebuild «napoli»

«Napoli» under the leadership of sarry reminded the pirates who took one ship after another on the board. Their game has enchant and seeemed that here, finally, hegemony «juve» will be shaken. But pirates at the end of the championship dried up, and the turin club as a mighty frigate destroyed all the hopes.

Ancelotti Was Able to Rebuild'Napoli'

Photo source: azertag.Az

But the steering wheel of the team got a marine wolf carlo anchelotti. Under his leadership «napoli» became more pragmatic and tactically flexible. And if at first it seemed that «pope carlo» not everything turns out in the new club, then the matches of the champions league against psg and «liverpool» proved – now the neapolitans are in perfect order and are ready to give a fight to any. On the account «adzurry» 12 won matches, 2 defeats and 2 draws, and if it were not for a flawless game «juventus», which only once lost glasses, «napoli» should lead in series a.

Butt still it turns out that the separation from the first place is 8 points. And this position of things «blue» you can not lose to not let go go «juve» even further and you need to try to compete for the championship.

«Inter» – «napoli»: forecast of bookmakers for the match series a

Bookmakers in the upcoming match «inter» – «napoli» do not stand out favorite. A little better coefficients at the owners of the field. Each of the teams has ultramitization to win this dueling series largely depends on the result of which.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Inter» – 2.Five;
  • «Napoli» – 2.7;
  • Draw – 3,3.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Inter» – 2.55;
  • «Napoli» – 2.7;
  • Draw – 3,4.

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