Interpol Struggles With Shadow Ice

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August 9, 2022
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International organization interpol conducted a mass operation of soga, the purpose of which was the suppression of the activities of illegal gambling organizations around the world. The operation was successful, hundreds of suspected in asia and europe were arrested, withdrawn billions of dollars. More about whether the bookmakers are legitimate in our country and other countries of the world resource.

Interpol Struggles With Shadow Ice

Soga vii special operation was designed to stop the activities of criminal groups that were engaged in obtaining and laundering of money earned for euro 2020. It was held in 28 countries of the world, among which russia turned out to be, azerbaijan, other countries of asia and europe. In general, during the operation, the guardians of the order arrested about 1.4 thouusand. People and seized about 8 billion «dirty» dollars, a huge amount of illegal digital technology. Reports about it sputnik azerbaycan (azerbaijani).

The group of experts on organized crime from the asia-pacific region, coordination and management of the department for combating financial crimes and corruption. Also support was provided by law enforcement agencies of european countries. For example, 280 bcs were checked in italy, which result in sanctions in the amount €one.3 billion. Active was the activities of police and in asia – among the hundreds of arrested was the head of the illelgal bc, which was controlled by chinase triad.

Meanwhile, in armenia, the former minister expressed doubts about the feasibility of gambling policy of the country and urged to tighten the rules for the placement of outdoor advertising of the bc.

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