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April 15, 2022
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The governments of the year-round attendance of the year-round attendance of the crimea and replenish the budget of the region by creating a gambling zone «golden shore». Nikolay oganezov, former chairman of the board «association of bookmakers», believees that the authorities have already found a suitable operator.


He stated this to the publication «crimea reality». According to a specialist, the project freezing for several years occurred in connection with the search for a suitable investor. Today he, apparently, found, so.To. The government has already allocated a plot of land for this purpose. How soon the gaming zone will be ready, depends on the transport and communal infrastructure. In this case, a former sanatorium was allocated to the gambling zone, so modernization requires a communal infrastructure.

Nicholas oganezov also stated that the issue of year-round attendance decishes janquet tours – visit to the gambling zone by foreign tourists on the basis of benefits. If you have problems the opportunity to deliver foreign guests to another airport and to the final place to deliver by bus. The expert also noted that the tax on gambling in the crimea is regional, it means that funds will go to the local budget.

Krymsky blogger alexander mining in published article on the site «echo of moscow» expressed guesses about the personality of the owner of the future gambling zone. According to relying on assembled in social networks and the media, it is considered to be positive that the possible owner is a participant in structures related to the former plenipotentiary representative of crimea. On territory of the gambling zone was also made buying a hotel complex by persons approximate to oleg belaventsev.

Recall, the opening of a new casino in the crimea will improve year-round attendance.

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