Investors “Azov City” Called The True Reason For The Closure Of The Gambling Zone

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January 30, 2023
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Investors «azov city» opposed the adoption of the law on compensation for the elimination of gambling zones. Gambling operators have invested about 6 billion rubles in the development of irs, located in the schcherbinsky district of kuban, and require their interests in the framework of the draft law.

Investors'Azov-City' called the true reason for the closure of the gambling zone

On december 4, in the first reading of the state duma of the the russian federation, the draft law was adopted on the payment of compensation to residents of closing gambling zones. According to him, in case the object closed, wort worrying for 10 years, investors receive moneytary compensation. But «azov city» is an exception. Residents of this ircz money is not planned to return.

Director of cjsc «fenugreek» maxim smolensev and representative «royal time» damir chagayev acted as part of the krasnodar press conference, stating that such russia laws are discrimination of business rights.

First of all, maxim smolensev is convinced that gambling zones «krasnaya polyana» and «azov city» do not interfere with each other work. According to smolentsev, representatives of the federal governments reported that the did not relateive any objections of the relative new law from regional authorities. In turn, the regional government explained that this is not his competence, since the law itself is federal.

True cause closing «azov city»

In addition, smolensev revealed the true cause of liquidation «azov city» andted that the gambling zone could be saved.

He expressed the opinion that the russian government seeks to monopolize the gambling market in the interests of the offshore company ltd «domaine», which is based in singapore. According to the investor funds from the national welfare fund were aimed at the construction of olympic facilities through nao «krasnaya polyana» and «olympstroy», which belong to the former government of the krasnodar territory. Then nao «krasnaya polyana» transmitted llc «domaine» real estate under the casino for rent, the fee for which is 15 million rubles per monh. However, the tenant company declared an income of 4 billion rubles. Administration «red polyana» hoped for this money, but, according to smolentsev, cash flows were brought to an offshore company.

Recall: about the liquidation of the gambling zone «azov city» dmitry medvedev ordered the russian prime minister dmitry medvedev. The object will be closed on january 1, 2019.

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