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April 11, 2022
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Iokhama Published The Requirements for the Tender IR

The administration of the city of yokohama published its ir infrastructure implementation policy, initialing the process of hiring the operator.

The deadline of documents will begin on february 5 and will end on may 17, after which the period follows to consider documents for compliance from june 1 to june 11, 2021. Then summer will be selected by the operator.

After the development plan will be formulated, and public hearings will be held from autumn to winter. Voting in the city council is scheduled for march 22, 2022, and the statement to the central governments will be filed by april. If ifohama gets approval from the government, the city intends to open the resort in the afternoon of this decade.

The selection schedule in yokoham is noticeably different from the schedule of other cities, how much time he gives operators to make a decision – almost four monhs before may 17. Explanations for such a long period was not suggeted.

"Along will become a gate to japan for arriving visitors from all over the world, as we will be their access point in attractive tourist places throughout japan.

As part of this project, we will contribute to japan and its growth strategies, the purpose of which is to attract 60 million foreign tourists and 1.5 trillion yen (us $ 14.5 billion) profits from foreigners in 2030, contributing to the sustainable growth of japan.

In accordance with the program of yokohama, operators will be asked to create landscape design, intelligent city and safe streets, as well as implement measures to prevent natural disasters, public health measures, the development of adjacent territories, development of infrastructure, tourism and revitalization of the economy.

As for the tourism and revitalizing the economy, it it clearly stated that efforts will be made to "maximize the economic and social effects arising from the creation and operation of the ir object to restore the city".

There is also a slightly unusual requirement contained in the requirements for public bidding of yokohama with documents that say that the casino must have an "elegant interior and should be a place for public meetings of adults with a dress code, providing extraordinary impressions, and high -quality pleasure ".

The city of yokogama first announced that she would submit an application for the construction of ir in 2019. At the same time, among the candidates there were seven company, including las vegas sands, wynn resorts, galaxy entertainment japan, genting singapore limited, melco resorts & entertainment limited, sega sammy holdings and shotoku. Lvs refused to participate in may 2020, referring to the restrictive rules, while wynn closed his office in yokoham to focus on its own operations in the usa and macau in covid-19.

Source: edition inside asian gaming

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