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February 1, 2022
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This week, the irish health research council issued a report containing information on the prevalence of gambling, which covers the period 2014-2015. According to experts, this suggests that the government is not in a hurry to adopt a new gembling legislation.

Irish minor citizens freely play gambling

In the course of the study, individual surveys of 7005 irish residents aged 15 years and older were held between august 2014 to august 2015. Definition «gambling» in this context, includes everything: from lottery tickets, casino, gambling online games, rates terminals, rates on jumps to games in bingo and card games with family or friends.

About 64.5% of respondents admitted that they were playing gambling in one form or another during the previous 12 months, and 41.4% make it monthly. The lottery ranked first with 56.7% of the participation, followed by bets in bookmaker offices (15.3%), rates on horse racing and dog run (12.7%) and card games for money with friends or family (7, 8%).

Only 4.3% of respondents said they were playing gambling online or mobile to previous 12 months, and another 3% reported that they took part in interactive lotteries. Nevertheless, among those who participated in gambling monthly, the online casino games gained the greatest percentage (24.5%), while sports competitions online / from mobile took third place (12.1%).

Irish media paid special attention to the fact that almost a quarter of young people aged 15-17 years old playing certain forms of gambling during the previous 12 months. Although these young people seem to be quite experienced in access to terrestrial lottery products (9.7%), rates for jumps (9.4%), over-the-counter rates in bookmakers (5.8%) and even games in casino (2.1%), only 0.9% played gambling online or from a mobile phone.

In all respondents who spent more €250 for gambling for the previous 12 months, lottery products are leading from 11.2%. They are followed by sports rates in bookmakers (3.9%), rates on jumps (1.8%) and online betting / from mobile (1.4%).

About 0.8% of respondents showed signs of problems with gambling, and men (1.4%) significantly averaged women (0.2%). Young respondents demonstrated a greater prevalence of problems with gambling, while the highest indicator (1.5%) fell on the age category of 25-34 years, in which gender inequality was even higher (2.9% of men, 0.2% of women).

Recall: ludomania, according to experts, is the national problem of ireland. Every year residents of this state spend €2.2 billion for gambling.

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