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February 8, 2022
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Canadian broadcasting company pokervision media inc. Signed an agreement on broadcasting 27 events of the poker tournament as part of irish open.

Irish Open Will Be Shown Live

America’s cup poker tournament with bay-in €550 will be held in ireland. In the tournament, 27 events that will be part of irish open 2019 are planned.

Games will be held at the city west hotel in dublin from april 15 to april 22, and the official partner of the event will be pokervision media inc. It is this broadcaster, according to signed agreements, will be allowed to broadcast a cult tournament.

Indition, pokervision media inc. Sacrifice 50% of the amount of registration for america’s cup to the target fund created for two orphaned children of canadian pomerist gavina smith, who unexpectedly died in january.

Eplay digital acquired pokervision media inc. In december 2016, and immediately became one of the most popular broadcasters of canada. Lighting one of the most prolonged poker tournaments is important for its promotion.

The current irish open champion is ryan mandara, who defeated 1340 participants to win the first prize in the amount of €210,000.

Recall that the finnish professional poker player patrick antonius expressed the opinion that modern technology – poker trackers – negatively affect the game. Pecherist believees that golden age of online tournaments has already passed.

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